Jeff Ballabon

101912_Varney_Ballabon Jeff Ballabon is CEO of B2 Strategic and Short Cove Advisors where he advises and represents corporate and political clients. He previously headed the communications and public policy departments of major media corporations including CBS News, Primedia, and Court TV.

Jeff has successfully represented American victims of Palestinian terror before the White House, State Department, Justice Department and Congress. In 2007 he founded and ran the Coordinating Council on Jerusalem (CCJ), an international coalition of dozens of Jewish groups working in conjunction with members of Knesset and Christian pro-Israel groups. CCJ was credited by the White House for successfully opposing the Olmert government’s proposed division of Jerusalem. Since 2012 he has served as the head of Jewish Outreach for the Faith & Freedom Coalition.

Washington Legal Times has described Jeff as “a quiet presence on Capitol Hill,” who “travels easily in conservative circles.” The New York Observer observed that he “is very well-known at the highest levels of the White House” with “friends on both sides of the political divide” and Politicker has reported that he has “actual power in Washington.” Campaign & Elections’ Politics Magazine declared “Jeff Ballabon is known in Washington as the go-to-guy for relations within the conservative Jewish community.”

Jeff is a veteran of four presidential and over a dozen House and Senate campaigns and was widely referred to in the press as “the architect” of the Bush-Cheney 2004 re-election effort in the Orthodox community. The Forward wrote “Ballabon basically created a new demographic…he helped put his fellow Orthodox Jews on the map as a separate Republican Party constituency.  He – or rather President Bush – was rewarded royally when as many as 80% of Orthodox Jews nationally gave their vote to the GOP ticket.”

A graduate of Yale Law School, Yeshiva University and Ner Israel Rabbinical College, Jeff served as Republican Counsel to the US Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation and was Legislative Counsel to Sen. John Danforth (R-MO). As an intern at Israel’s Ministry of Justice, Jeff worked on several matters relating to the legal status of the disputed territories as well as the first formulation of Israel’s Basic Law on Human Dignity and Liberty. The Forward has named Jeff one of the 50 “Most Influential” Jews in America.

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