4 Reasons Conservatives Should Care About Strong Copyright Law

By: Rebecca Cusey

Ain’t nobody agreeing on policy these days. Heck, we don’t even agree with our own parties,  Democrats fighting Democrats and Republicans

U.S. firm alleges China’s government colluded with local competitor

By Simon Denyer and Ellen Nakashima

BEIJING — When an American company named Vringo discovered that ZTE, a Chinese telecommunications giant, had been using

US Should Get Tough On Chinese IP Theft, Committee Warns

By Emma Woollacott

IP theft is costing the US as much as $300 billion a year, a government report warns, with China by far

Design Patents in China: Applications, Infringement and Enforcement

By Chris Neumeyer

Design patents have been making the news. Last summer, Apple’s $1.05 billion verdict against Samsung was famously based, in part, on

Chinese Patent-Infringer Backs US Patent Reform

By Peter Fricke

Needed a reason to be skeptical of U.S. patent reform? Here it is: Reform efforts now have the support of a

Popular Wrench Fights a Chinese Rival


Last Christmas, Sears had a brisk seller in the Bionic Wrench, an award-winning, patented tool with spiffy lime green accents. This

Don’t hit the brakes on small inventors

By: Jeffrey Birchak

Donald C. Miller wanted to make the world’s fastest bike. A cycling enthusiast, he embarked on this quest in 1998 and

Time to Restore Patent Property Rights

Time to Restore Patent Property Rights by James Edwards 30 Dec 2015

If you believed property rights are critically important, then you’d call

Intellectual property and the national security issue

By: Maureen K. Ohlhausen and Dan Schneider

America faces an increasingly complex security environment. Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria pose immediate challenges, of

While We’re Lost In The ‘Patent Troll’ Freakout, ‘Reformers’ Will Eviscerate Private Property Rights

By: Contra Mytheos Holt

The small and dwindling contingent in favor of the terrible, patent-smashing billsbeing considered in Congress suffer from an obsessive fetish — “patent

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