Jeff Ballabon

Jeff Ballabon is CEO of B2 Strategic and Short Cove Advisors where he advises and represents corporate and political clients. He previously headed the communications and public policy departments of major media corporations including CBS News, Primedia, and Court TV.

Jeff has successfully represented American victims of … Read More

Gordon Chang

Gordon G. Chang is the author of Nuclear Showdown: North Korea Takes On the World, released by Random House in January 2006. Showdown focuses on nuclear proliferation in general and the North Korean crisis in particular. His first book is The Coming Collapse of China (Random House, August 2001). He … Read More

Grant E. Collins II

Grant E. Collins II is Senior Vice President for Workforce and Occupational Health at Fedcap and Executive Director of the company’s $61 million Human Resources Administration’s Wellness Comprehensive Assessment Rehabilitation and Employment (WeCARE) program. Under his leadership, this initiative addresses the needs of cash assistance individuals with employment needs, and … Read More

Rebecca Cusey

Rebecca Cusey is a reporter and critic covering entertainment . She covers movies, TV, pop culture, and celebrity news. She has appeared in USA Today, The Huffington Post, The Washington Post, PBS, Patheos,, Bill Bennett’s Morning in America, World Magazine, National Review Online, Relevant Magazine,, and other outlets. She is a tomatometer critic … Read More

Emily DeRocco

In April 2012, Emily DeRocco launched a Washington, D.C.-based strategic consulting practice focused on linking education, workforce and economic development assets for competitive advantage. She currently serves as Senior Strategic Advisor to the ACT Foundation and Director of the National Network of Business and Industry Associations co-managed by Business … Read More

Greg Dolin, M.D.

Greg Dolin is Associate Professor of Law at the University of Baltimore’s Center for Medicine and Law.  His scholarship centers on Patent law with a specific focus on how the patent regime affects innovation especially in bio-pharmaceutical areas.  His work in these areas includes a number of scholarly articles, presentations, amicus … Read More

Daniel M. Gallagher, Jr.

Daniel M. Gallagher, Jr. was a Commissioner of the Securities and Exchange Commission from November 2011 to October 2015.

Mr. Gallagher served the agency in several capacities throughout his professional career, including as counsel to SEC Commissioner Paul S. Atkins, and later as counsel to SEC Chairman Christopher Cox, working … Read More

Cameron Goodman

From her debut in the comedy arena on MTV’s hip hop improv show Wild N’ Out, you would never guess that Cameron Goodman attended Colombia University and Georgetown University before gaining her degree at the School of Foreign Service in International Economics.  She went on to become a series … Read More

Larry Hart

Larry Hart is a Government Affairs Consultant for the American Conservative Union and brings 13 years of experience in the legislative and executive branches of government to ACU. In 1999, Hart left government service to form Hartco Strategies, a media relations and political consulting firm whose clients ranged from … Read More

Gail Heriot

Since 1989, Gail Heriot has been a professor of law at the University of San Diego, where she teaches Civil Rights Law & History, Employment Discrimination, Legislation in the Modern Administrative State, and Remedies and Torts. In addition, she was appointed to the eight-member U.S. Commission on Civil Rights … Read More

Julie Hocker

Prior to her return to her hometown of Philadelphia in 2012, she earned her Master of Business Administration from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where she was the A.L. Hobgood Fellow for Leadership, President of Christian Club and the Director of Education and Training for the Non-profit … Read More

Annie Hsiao

Annie Hsiao is a Program Manager at the Charles Koch Foundation, where she works in higher education grant-making. Prior to joining the Charles Koch Foundation, Ms. Hsiao was a Program Officer at the Walton Family Foundation, the leading grant-maker in K-12 education reform and parental choice. Her prior experience … Read More

Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser

Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser is the president and founder of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy (AIFD), a think tank dedicated to protecting American national security against the global threat of Islamism. AIFD promotes reform-minded Muslim voices for liberty, and is shaking the hold which Islamist groups like the … Read More

Charles Keckler

Charles N. W. Keckler, J.D., M.A., is a Presidential Scholar at the Schar School of Policy & Government, George Mason University.  Since 2010, Mr. Keckler has also served on the Board of Directors of the Legal Services Corporation, appointed and re-appointed as a Republican member by President Obama, and twice confirmed … Read More

Mike Magan

Michael Magan is Managing Director of Magan Dahlgren Ltd based in London, United Kingdom, specialising in corporate and inter-governmental relations.

He brings 20 years’ experience with the inner workings of both Washington D.C. and international affairs at the highest levels. Areas of expertise include Latin America and the Caribbean, … Read More

Tammy McCutchen

Tammy McCutchen, a principal in Littler Mendelson’s Washington D.C. office, is a leading authority on federal and state wage-hour laws and prevailing wage laws. Before joining Littler, she served as Administrator of the U.S. Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division and was Senior Counsel at the Hershey Company. … Read More

Kathleen Troia “KT” McFarland

Kathleen Troia “KT” McFarland, is FOX News’ National Security Analyst. She appears regularly on FOX News and FOX Business News.  Ms. McFarland anchors DEFCON3 and writes a regular column for She is also the weekly national security commentator for several national radio shows. Ms. McFarland held national security … Read More

Ashley E. McGuire

Ashley E. McGuire is a Senior Fellow with The Catholic Association, the Richard John Neuhaus Fellow at the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, a staff writer for, a contributing editor at the Institute for Family Studies, and a founding editor of altFem Magazine. Her writing has appeared in … Read More

Adam Mossoff

Adam Mossoff is Professor of Law at George Mason University School of Law, and is a Director of Academic Programs and Senior Scholar at the Center for the Protection of Intellectual Property at George Mason, which he co-founded in 2012. He teaches patent law, trade secrets, trademark law, property law, … Read More

Edmund C. Moy

Edmund C. Moy is a public servant, senior executive, commentator, author, and director with a successful track record in both publicly and privately held companies, and in the public sector. From 2006-2011 he served as the 38th Director of the United States Mint, the world’s largest manufacturer of coins and medals.  Appointed … Read More

Pat Nolan

Pat Nolan is the Director of the American Conservative Union Foundation’s Center for Criminal Justice Reform. Launched in 2014, The Center will inform and mobilize public support for criminal justice reforms based on conservative principles, and will work with government officials to effectively implement those reforms.

Nolan is a leading voice … Read More

Mark Rodgers

Mark Rodgers is the Principal of The Clapham Group a company that seeks to influence culture upstream of the political arena. Mr. Rodgers served as the third-ranking Republican leadership staffer in the U.S. Senate for six years, overseeing strategic planning and strategic communications. He also served as a high … Read More

Regina Schofield

The Honorable Regina B. Schofield is Director of Corporate Engagement and Education Outreach for Battelle in their Washington, D.C. office. Battelle is an international research and development organization based in Columbus, Ohio. Ms. Schofield’s portfolio includes furthering innovative efforts to create tomorrow’s workforce by leading STEM (science, technology, engineering and … Read More

Mark Schultz

Mark Schultz is a Senior Scholar and Director of Academic Programs at Center for the Protection of Intellectual Property.  He also serves as an Associate Professor of Law and Director of Faculty Development at Southern Illinois University.  Professor Schultz writes and speaks frequently around the world about the importance of … Read More

Dennis C. Shea

Dennis Shea is the founder and principal of Shea Public Strategies LLC, a government relations and public-policy firm based in Alexandria, Virginia. For more than 25 years, Mr. Shea has successfully navigated Washington, DC, combining a deep public-policy background with practical political and legislative experience.

During his career, he has served as one of … Read More

Abby Skeans

Abby Skeans, Esq. is an associate at The Clapham Group who is deeply committed to issues of justice. Particularly dedicated to advocating for the most vulnerable of society, her clients include The Gates Foundation, Annie E. Casey Foundation, The College Board, and Humane Society of the United States, among … Read More

Hal Stratton

Hal Stratton is a native of Oklahoma and received his B.S. in Geology and J.D. in Law from the University of Oklahoma. In 1978, he was elected to the New Mexico House of Representatives by defeating the House Majority Whip. During his four terms in the New Mexico House, he served on a … Read More

Ian B. Walters

Ian B. Walters plays spirited, updated blues and standards as well as contemporary tunes. Known for his unique piano sound, dripping with soul vocals, and all-around good vibes, Ian’s inventive interpretations of great old songs make them new again. After studying classical piano for 13 years, he found his musical voice … Read More

Joshua Wright

University Professor Joshua D. Wright is the Executive Director of the Global Antitrust Institute and holds a courtesy appointment in the Department of Economics. On January 1, 2013, the U.S. Senate unanimously confirmed Professor Wright as a member of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), following his nomination by President Obama … Read More

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