The ACUF applauds the U.S. Senate for its unanimous consent on Thursday of the Trickett Wendler Right-to-Try bill

The American Conservative Union Foundation (ACUF) applauds the United States Senate for its unanimous consent on Thursday of the Trickett Wendler Right-to-Try bill. The legislation, which has already received support from the White House, would remove unnecessary barriers standing in the way of delivering hope and treatment to terminally ill individuals by granting them the right to access investigative therapies that may save their lives. Patients who have run out of treatment options would, under this law, be free to try drugs and devices that are in clinical trials but not yet approved. Similar laws have already been passed by 37 states and have documented success stories of pairing patients with life-saving treatments.
“This enables patients to continue to pursue life and liberty, even as they face the harshest realities that come with terminal and life-threatening diagnoses,” said Jackie Anderson, Director of Policy and Public Affairs at the ACUF. “Where once a terminally ill patient and her family had to cling to the prospects of winning a lottery to get into a clinical trial, this law would allow them the same opportunity at treatment – at life – as those lucky enough to be chosen.”

The Right-to-Try bill now heads to the House of Representatives, where the ACU hopes it will pass swiftly so that no more Americans are denied the right to try to save their own life.

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